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Lever Protector Handguard PVC Universal Fit (For All Bikes)

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  • Universal Fit:
    • Fits all bikes.
  • Premium PVC:
    • High-quality material.
  • Sleek Design:
    • Stylish and functional.
  • Easy Install:
    • User-friendly setup.
  • Optimal Protection:
    • Shields levers effectively.
  • Enhanced Grip:
    • Improved control.
  • Durable Build:
    • Long-lasting performance.
  • Customizable Look:
    • Personalize your ride.

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Welcome to the world of ultimate bike accessories at DarpanSarvan Store, where passion meets precision! Today, we’re thrilled to introduce our latest gem – the Lever Protector Handguard PVC, a universal fit accessory designed to elevate your biking experience to new heights.

Key Features:

  1. Universal Fit for All Bikes:
    • Our Lever Protector Handguard PVC is meticulously crafted to fit seamlessly on all bike models. Whether you ride a sleek sports bike, a sturdy cruiser, or a nimble off-road machine, this accessory is tailor-made for you.
  2. Premium Quality PVC Construction:
    • Engineered with durability in mind, our handguard is constructed using high-quality PVC material. This ensures not only longevity but also provides robust protection against the elements, ensuring your bike’s levers stay safeguarded in various riding conditions.
  3. Sleek and Stylish Design:
    • We understand that aesthetics matter. The handguard boasts a sleek and stylish design that not only enhances the overall look of your bike but also adds a touch of personality to your ride.
  4. Easy Installation:
    • No need to stress about complicated installations. Our Lever Protector Handguard PVC comes with user-friendly installation instructions, making it a hassle-free addition to your bike. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with easy setup.
  5. Optimal Lever Protection:
    • The primary purpose of our handguard is to shield your bike’s levers from unexpected bumps, debris, and weather elements. Ride with confidence knowing that your levers are well-protected, allowing you to focus on the joy of the open road.
  6. Enhanced Grip and Control:
    • The handguard also serves as an ergonomic enhancement, providing an improved grip and control over your bike. Experience a more comfortable and secure ride with this thoughtful addition.


Q1: Is the Lever Protector Handguard PVC compatible with my bike model?
A1: Yes, our handguard is designed to be a universal fit for all bike models.

Q2: How durable is the PVC material used in the handguard?
A2: The PVC material is of premium quality, ensuring durability and longevity in various riding conditions.

Q3: Can I install the handguard myself, or do I need professional help?
A3: The installation process is designed to be user-friendly, and detailed instructions are provided. Most customers find it easy to install on their own.

Q4: Does the handguard only provide protection, or does it have additional benefits?
A4: Along with optimal lever protection, the handguard also enhances grip and control for a more comfortable ride.


Elevate your biking experience with the Universal Fit Lever Protector Handguard PVC from DarpanSarvan Store. Our commitment to quality, durability, and style ensures that you ride with confidence, knowing your bike is equipped with the best. Order yours today and embark on a journey of enhanced safety and style. Ride on!

4 reviews for Lever Protector Handguard PVC Universal Fit (For All Bikes)

  1. Ganesh Rajan

    Easy install even for a non-techy like me. Feeling more confident on the road now.

  2. Rahul Desai

    Durable build – been using it for months, and it still looks brand new.

  3. Aryan Singh

    Optimal lever protection – saved me from a couple of close calls. Recommending it!

  4. Karthik Reddy

    Universal fit is a game-changer. Installed it myself without any issues.

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